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March 2016

A Modest Proposal

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A Modest Proposal for Nomination in the 2016 United States Presidential Election, in the Hopes of Avoiding Disaster and Preserving the Interests of Our People and the Values of This Country.

The Dangerous Disconnect Between America and Its Military

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Americans still believe, even after decades of failure, that armed intervention offers a solution to problems around the world. Despite this, it appears most of us are unwilling to play a personal role in such endeavors—the American people, it seems, are chicken hawks who advocate for war but personally avoid it.

(Illustration by Jonathan Swain)

College Should Not Be Free

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College students and idealists across the country support Sanders.  While it is easy for us, as students ourselves, to romanticize free college, a quick look at the facts about Sanders’s claims quickly proves them false.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline in Andover: Interview with AHS Student, Matt Tringali

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Over the last few years, there has been an ongoing dispute in Andover regarding a proposed extension of natural gas pipeline running from Tennessee to Canada. This extension is set to run through the town of Andover near its border with Tewksbury. Numerous organizations, including “No Fracked Gas in Mass,” have opposed Kinder Morgan’s proposition. We at APR have taken to the hallways of Andover High school and interviewed a student who who has researched the potential environmental effects of this pipeline. Let’s take a look at what he has to say.

Interview with Fred Hopkins: “7+H Schedule”

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In the official AHS Scheduling Committee report from September 18th, 2014, the committee stated that its goals for the new “7 plus H” schedule—which is set to be implemented next year—included “garnering the most current and accurate description or the student and teachers… specific needs” and “designing a schedule that focuses on identified student needs and the development of a positive teaching and learning environment.”

However, many students and staff have come out and voiced the objection that the “identified” needs are far different from the needs they actually have. They believe that the so-called “positive teaching and learning environment” is a false promise, especially for those who will have to test it in its pilot years. Others insist that the push for a new schedule was actually driven by contract and budget issues and had nothing to do with learning.

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