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June 2016

Investigation: The Corporatization of Education

In an investigative series, Andover Political Review has been looking into the corporatization of public education in the United States. Corporatization of education is defined by the increased role of private companies in schools. Publically, these companies claim they have an interest in helping educate kids, but their interest is also profit; school budgets are multi-million-dollar grab bags for companies, and schools are often used as a platforms to market to young people.

Corporatization of Education: Analysis on Interviews with Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Meyers

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s part of APR’s investigation on the Corporatization of Education, I interviewed Fred Hopkins, a Social Studies Teacher at Andover High, and Thomas Meyers, a former teacher who is now the District Coordinator of the Massachusetts Teacher Association. Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Meyers offered viewpoints and arguments which counter those presented by APR’s previous interviewees, Director of Digital Learning for Andover Public Schools, Joanne Najarian, and Andover High School’s Digital Learning Coach, Shelagh St. Laurent.

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