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July 2016

The Precarious Position of the “Bernistas”

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Bernie was different. For once, a politician who had not been corrupted by money had a decent shot at winning the presidency. To see that man defeated, to see the reformed Democratic Party relapse into neoliberal Clintonism, to see donors congregate in the Ritz-Carlton near the Democratic convention center, was a harrowing experience for every Bernie supporter. The boos, the heckling, and the chants from the Bernistas were cries of despair, as the party slipped from their grasp.

“Angel Duster:” RTJ’s Hope for the Living

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RTJ’s “Angel Duster” is, at its core, a modern Marxist interpretation of class struggles and religion, and adds an entirely new element to “conscious rap.” It indicates a new breed of rapper — one who overcomes the oppression of capitalist society, and instead of perpetuating the system by showing off gold chains and Maybachs, this new breed criticizes the hierarchy it now rules, and acts in favor of the masses still oppressed.

Artwork by Arthur Lauretano

Police Brutality and Racial Violence in America

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In these past weeks riots have flared up across the nation as people from all races grow tired and impatient with the government’s apathy towards the growing number of police brutality casualties. And while many people might think that this aggression stemming from both the law and civilians is a new issue, the truth is that what we’re seeing today are the repercussions of years of racially-fueled unnecessary police violence.

In the Wake of Orlando, What’s Next?

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That night, there were 49 deaths and 53 injuries in Pulse, a gay nightclub located in Orlando, Florida — more than the mass shootings at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Aurora and San Bernardino, just to name a few. Such a tragedy is just the tip of the iceberg that is America’s gun problem.

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