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October 2016

Teachers’ Takes on “Question 2”

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On November 8th, aside from the presidential candidates, Massachusetts voters will also get their say on four important ballot measures. Among them is Question 2, which would allow the state to approve as many as twelve new charter schools a year. I’ve seen Andover High School teachers take strong stances on this issue, so I wanted to record their thoughts on the matter. I conducted interviews and created an online survey. Here are the results.

The Legality of Airbnb Discrimination

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Airbnb hosts, who typically rent their homes while they are away, are officially no longer allowed to reject, screen, or advertise based on race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, or marital status. While Airbnb’s actions are legal, they are not in the best interests of its hosts.

Records for Repair

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In 1838, in order to lift the university from financial trouble, Georgetown officials sold 272 slaves. Despite the fact their acts were legally permitted, they never were and never will be morally correct, therefore it is Georgetown’s duty to take responsibility.

Look Who’s Back: An APR Film Review

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“Ir Est Wieder Da” is a film based on German writer Timur Vermes’ bestselling 2012 satire novel of the same name. It’s premise is simple: by some time traveling anomaly, Fascist leader and 20th century villain, Adolf Hitler, wakes up in the present day. It’s title roughly translates as “Look Who’s Back.”

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