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December 2016

My Campaign Experience

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From June to November, I was an intern for State Senator Barbara L’Italien’s re-election campaign. It was an experience that changed the way I think about politics and campaigns.

How Our Textbooks Whitewash History

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The words in a student’s textbook lay the foundation for their perception of history throughout their lives, and often they don’t question what they are being told or the way it is presented to them. However, many textbooks contain errors, biases, and misrepresentations of facts which can lead to a skewed view of history for the students who readily accept what they are being taught.

By Julia Jaime

Trump’s Campaign: Truth Or Lie?

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As President-elect Donald J. Trump is forced to come to terms with all of his alleged policies and claims, it is time for us, the citizens of this nation, to nitpick, analyze, and compare his presidential rhetoric with his campaign’s. We must hold him, and any politician for that matter, accountable for the discrepancies between their campaigns and actual in-office work.

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