Andover High School students Owen Ezell, Owen Morrissey, and Rohan Sinha founded Andover Political Review in June, 2015. The organization’s goal is to offer students an outlet to voice their opinions and to raise political awareness in Andover. In other words, we seek to engage students in political intellectualism. We routinely criticize figures in both major political parties and encourage creative political thinking, even if it means rejecting the status quo. We publish analytical articles, interviews, round-table discussions, podcasts, humor, and opinions on all matters of political importance—from the academic disadvantages of new high school schedules to the economic impact of Brexit, and beyond. APR’s philosophy does not rest on a certain political ideology but rather on an intellectual attitude, one that doesn’t blindly accept worn-out soundbites and sloppy thinking.

Our logo, along with a penguin, features the “Phrygian cap.” According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the cap originates from “the ancient country of Phrygia in Asia Minor,” was later “worn by emancipated slaves as a symbol of their freedom” in Rome, and finally “became the emblem of liberty in the 18th century during the French Revolution, when it was adopted by the Revolutionaries.”

If you have anything to contribute to our intellectual revolution, join us and speak out.

Jacquelyn Lynch



Visvajit Sriramrajan



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Noah Coyle



Sam Finbury

Comic Artist


Nalin Sinha

Graphic Designer


Matthew J. Bach


Matthew J. Bach is history teacher at Andover High school. He has advised APR since its inception, and believes students should begin their political engagement early. Mr. Bach’s educational philosophy and interests include critical theory, liberatory pedagogy, and analysis of material culture.