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Trump’s Campaign: Truth Or Lie?

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As President-elect Donald J. Trump is forced to come to terms with all of his alleged policies and claims, it is time for us, the citizens of this nation, to nitpick, analyze, and compare his presidential rhetoric with his campaign’s. We must hold him, and any politician for that matter, accountable for the discrepancies between their campaigns and actual in-office work.

Records for Repair

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In 1838, in order to lift the university from financial trouble, Georgetown officials sold 272 slaves. Despite the fact their acts were legally permitted, they never were and never will be morally correct, therefore it is Georgetown’s duty to take responsibility.

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Police Brutality and Racial Violence in America

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In these past weeks riots have flared up across the nation as people from all races grow tired and impatient with the government’s apathy towards the growing number of police brutality casualties. And while many people might think that this aggression stemming from both the law and civilians is a new issue, the truth is that what we’re seeing today are the repercussions of years of racially-fueled unnecessary police violence.

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