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Gerrymandering: Corrupt Partisanship at Its Finest

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Wayne Dawkins, a journalist for the British newspaper Guardian, recently visited the United States, and was shocked when he found out about gerrymandering. In America, he says, “voters don’t pick their elected officials; politicians pick their voters.”1 And he’s right. Redistricting is performed every ten years, after the census, in order to ensure that each district…

The Obama Legacy

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President Obama brought big change to the country in only eight short years — change that was desperately needed by the American people. Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency will go down in the history books as one of the most successful and consequential in our nation’s history.

My Campaign Experience

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From June to November, I was an intern for State Senator Barbara L’Italien’s re-election campaign. It was an experience that changed the way I think about politics and campaigns.

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