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My Campaign Experience

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From June to November, I was an intern for State Senator Barbara L’Italien’s re-election campaign. It was an experience that changed the way I think about politics and campaigns.

How Our Textbooks Whitewash History

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The words in a student’s textbook lay the foundation for their perception of history throughout their lives, and often they don’t question what they are being told or the way it is presented to them. However, many textbooks contain errors, biases, and misrepresentations of facts which can lead to a skewed view of history for the students who readily accept what they are being taught.

Vote YES on “Question 4”

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Ballot Question 4 is one of the most controversial questions that Massachusetts voters will be faced with on election day. Voting YES on this question would not only benefit Massachusetts, it would push America in the direction of legalizing marijuana federally which would provide huge benefits.

Vote NO on “Question 4”

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In a state actively trying to combat its drug issues, it is foolish to legalize what is commonly known as a gateway drug that can lead users to future substance abuse. So while legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts for recreational use will bring great amounts of money into the state, its real cost is much greater: the well-being and safety of New Englanders.

What’s Going on With “Question 1”?

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On February 18, 2016, real estate developer Eugene McCain created the “Horse Racing Jobs and Education Committee” to campaign in favor of Question 1. Question 1, according to the committee’s official site, will give Massachusetts residents the “opportunity to vote Yes [for] funding important local public works projects” and for “better funding for our children’s schools.” What this really means is that McCain will be allowed to open a slots parlor in Revere. His proposal should be treated with caution.

Teachers’ Takes on “Question 2”

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On November 8th, aside from the presidential candidates, Massachusetts voters will also get their say on four important ballot measures. Among them is Question 2, which would allow the state to approve as many as twelve new charter schools a year. I’ve seen Andover High School teachers take strong stances on this issue, so I wanted to record their thoughts on the matter. I conducted interviews and created an online survey. Here are the results.

Investigation: The Corporatization of Education

In an investigative series, Andover Political Review has been looking into the corporatization of public education in the United States. Corporatization of education is defined by the increased role of private companies in schools. Publically, these companies claim they have an interest in helping educate kids, but their interest is also profit; school budgets are multi-million-dollar grab bags for companies, and schools are often used as a platforms to market to young people.

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