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We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service

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Despite the obstacles of age, death, and the evolved sound of hip-hop, A Tribe Called Quest boldly re-entered the music world without skipping a beat. We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service is a 16-track return to form which proves that the forty-somethings still have rhythm, and that socially conscious hip-hop is alive and well.

Look Who’s Back: An APR Film Review

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“Ir Est Wieder Da” is a film based on German writer Timur Vermes’ bestselling 2012 satire novel of the same name. It’s premise is simple: by some time traveling anomaly, Fascist leader and 20th century villain, Adolf Hitler, wakes up in the present day. It’s title roughly translates as “Look Who’s Back.”

“Angel Duster:” RTJ’s Hope for the Living

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RTJ’s “Angel Duster” is, at its core, a modern Marxist interpretation of class struggles and religion, and adds an entirely new element to “conscious rap.” It indicates a new breed of rapper — one who overcomes the oppression of capitalist society, and instead of perpetuating the system by showing off gold chains and Maybachs, this new breed criticizes the hierarchy it now rules, and acts in favor of the masses still oppressed.

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