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Across the United States, athletics dominate above all other extra-curricular activities. While a school like Andover High School has a plethora of clubs that interested students may join, many of these clubs are often viewed, and run, as resume-fodder rather than serious organizations with the sense of community and mission equal to that of a sports team. They often require little commitment from those who join them and add little value to the school community.

When I founded Andover Political Review, along with Owen Morrissey and Rohan Sinha, I knew I wanted it to be more than an activity to list on a college application. Now, nearly two years later, our content speaks for itself. We have produced and published myriad articles, videos, comics, and podcasts covering a wide range of political topics. Recently, we printed an APR magazine, showcasing students’ articles, comics, and artwork. But we have also created a cohesive community, dedicated to a common mission: fighting political apathy and broadcasting student opinion.While the athletes of our school spend their hours in the gym training, we spend our time meeting, collaborating, writing, and editing.

Our community must gain a sense of understanding and respect for the neglected corners of Andover High School, which include the Theatre Arts program, the band, the orchestra, the school newspaper, and finally, APR. With all of the passion and commitment of a sports team, Andover Political Review receives none of the funding that they do. Thus far, the money it takes to run APR has come from a small PAC contribution and out of our own pockets. If we are to continue to produce magazines and host our own website, we cannot do it alone. In the spirit of recognizing student achievement, make a donation to APR’s GoFundMe campaign today. Help us keep the presses rolling!  

— Owen Ezell, Founder of Andover Political Review